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January 6, 2013

New Post??!

Ok. So I've been neglecting my blog. And I know the millions of followers I have are most assuredly depressed. BUT- it's cause most of my pics are taken on my iPhone, and I have errors every time I try to edit them when I transfer them to the computer. SO- help please? How do I fix this?
Wannabe but Can't Blogger...

June 23, 2012

Annoying Orange?

So in our neighborhood there are lots of kids always trying to make a buck.  We see lemonade stands and door-to-door knockers selling baked goods, school supplies, etc.  But last week we had a first! A little boy came by selling his own original "comic strips"!  Best .25 we ever spent! :) Now see if you agree with Steve and my deciphering skills...

Pretty sure it's supposed to be "Annoying Orange"- I love that "Fat Dad Jokes" is crossed out... That  had some potential.

"Hey Potato"-"My name ain't potato it's tomato!"
"Hey Ganna (ganana?)"- "My name ain't ganna, it's banna (banana?)"- "No, it's ganna!"
"Hey napple!"- "It's not napple, it's apple!"

So? I think that sure is one annoying orange!!!

May 21, 2012

Lotsa Pics...

So I know that every mom thinks her baby is the most beautiful baby... But in my case- it's the truth. :)  When my mom was visiting last weekend she helped me pack up old clothes and bring out the bigger sizes (yes, my 3 month old is sporting 6 month clothing) and during that process I realized how many cute outfits she has... So- do the clothes make the baby or vice versa?
Love those chubby thighs!

Showin' some skin

Sleepy time

Curiouser and curiouser

Even her sad face is cute!

Yeah- she sported her "I love my mommy" shirt on Mother's Day

So happy

Still happy

Who wouldn't hug that?


Ready for church

Check out those awesome tights



Not to be outdone by her younger sister- Bree still retains all the cuteness and sass as before...
No clue where she's looking

It's deceptively angelic

My adorable buster!

We call this her creepy smile-- where does that upper lip go?